Neutral and professional
Marine issues, coastal communities
25+ years

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Designing and delivering processes and one off events to get your project moving.


Finding and engaging everyone from hard to reach audiences to the key players.


What clients say

Mike K

"Working with Sarah and C2W consulting has been a very positive experience. Sarah is an excellent facilitator and brings to any session energy, creative ideas and an empathetic approach which helps to get the best possible outcomes out of any given situation."

Mike K Director
Helen W

"Her insight, common sense approach, endless enthusiasm and a fantastic sense of fun has made her a brilliant Chair and a really valued team member."

Helen W Founder, Sea-Changers
Kim Y

“Sarah was brilliant to work with. She got on top of the subject matter extremely quickly and her experience and insight was invaluable throughout the process. She delivered over and above what I expected and I would be delighted to make use of her skills again.”

Kim Y Sector Manager