C2W Consulting undertakes all projects from a standpoint of subject neutrality. I want you and your stakeholders to feel confident that the process I help you design and undertake will not be influenced by personal opinions or emotions.

I prefer to design processes which use deliberative dialogue techniques, providing balanced evidence to participants before engaging them in discussions which provide deep insight and lead to durable decision making.

Often a process will follow the ORID flow, endorsed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

  • OBJECTIVE data is used, or requested from participants, to ensure that the discussion is on a sound footing
  • We design processes which REFLECT on the data and discussions
  • Following reflection we encourage INTERPRETATION
  • Which leads to DECISIONS

For example, ‘What data do we have to back up our concerns?’, ‘What does that feel like to the group?’, ‘How does that impact on the area we are discussing?’ and finally, ‘How can we reflect our interpretation in the master plan?’

Our work was recently recognised by Planning Aid Scotland and gained the SP=EED kite mark. This standard (Successful Planning = Effective Engagement and Delivery) identifies best practice and ensures that those undertaking consultation and engagement have done so in a professional manner and at the appropriate level, using the correct tools.